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  • “Citizen Soldier” Film Invokes Protest

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on January 3, 2008

    Forwarded from Joanne Cvar of the Pacific Green Party of Oregon

    This film is a lengthy pro-military, war-glorification promotion for National Guard Recruitment, probably paid for with your tax dollars, then forced upon you once you pay for the price of a theater ticket.

    People are encourged to go to ANY of the movies at AMC (because we don’t want to look as though we are targeting a film which is art). When the War Piece starts, your gut will tell you what to do. Best thing to do is , COMMENT in front of the audience that this is completely unethical at every level, and you are getting your money back immediately. Encourage a walk-out.


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    Utah vs. Axis of Evil: A Utah bill would ban investment in companies doing business in Iran

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on January 3, 2008

    Tom King of the Desert Greens Green Party of Utah is quoted n this article:

    Utah vs. Axis of Evil: A Utah bill would ban investment in companies doing business in Iran

    By Eric S. Peterson
    Posted 12/27/2007

    One Utah legislator has decided the state is ready to get off the sidelines and join the rumble against global terror by prohibiting the Utah Retirement System (URS) from investing in companies doing business in Iran.

    While the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Julia Fisher, R-Fruit Heights, thinks it’s time for Utah to flex its muscle with Iran, some experts think Utah doesn’t have muscle worth flexing on the issue and shouldn’t try even if it did.

    “The bill is intended to help undermine the economy of Iran, which has provided weapons to insurgents and al Qaeda operatives in Iraq and Afghanistan for use against our forces,” Fisher says of the proposed bill, which recently passed a legislative interim committee.

    News broke earlier this month of a national intelligence report that Iran had abandoned its nuclear weapons program four years ago. The findings directly contradicted President George W. Bush’s repeated statements that Iran was ramping up its nuclear capabilities and ignoring U.S. warnings to stop. But Fisher still agrees with the Bush administration that Iran supports terrorist organizations.

    At the November interim meeting, Fisher invited Utah Highway Patrolman Chamberlain Neff to describe his service in Afghanistan. Neff, then a U.S. soldier, described routinely encountering Iranian weaponry in the hands of al Qaeda combatants during his tour of duty. “My friend Dustin Allison was five days in country when he got IED’d [injured by an improvised explosive device],” Neff said.

    The bomb was made in Iran, Neff said, and not only injured his friend but killed the soldier who was training Allison to be his replacement. The trainer had been in Afghanistan for two years and, had he lived, would have returned home the following week.

    By having URS divest from any foreign companies with Iranian connections, Fisher hopes to strike an economic blow to Iran. Some fear, however, that the legislation will merely contribute to the Bush administration’s bellicose posturing against Iran.

    “It’s disturbing that people in our Legislature are focusing on questionable ‘outside’ enemies,” says Tom King, of Utah’s People for Peace and Justice. King worries this bill just puts Utah in lockstep with national war hawks readying for conflict with Iran. Read the rest of this entry »

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    California Green Party Member Joins Peace Activists To March Before Rose Parade

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on January 1, 2008

    Los Angeles News
    Dec 30, 2007 2:29 pm US/Pacific
    Peace Activists To March Before Rose Parade
    PASADENA, Calif. (CBS) ? Peace activists said they intend to march down Colorado Boulevard two hours before the Rose Parade begins, calling for an end to the Iraq war and for the impeachment of the President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

    A group calling itself the White Rose Coalition said its members intend to march past the TV camera platforms at the Norton Simon Museum at 6 a.m. on New Year’s Day.

    Pasadena police said they had just learned of the protest and are checking on the legality of the march. An official said the police department would make an announcement on how the protest would be handled later on Sunday.

    Peter Thottam, a spokesman for the coalition, said organizers will begin demonstrating during pre-parade telecasts at 6 a.m. An Internet site operated by the Coalition says activists will unfurl a banner and demonstrate as the Port of Los Angeles float passes by the grandstands on Colorado Boulevard east of Orange Grove Boulevard, at about 9 a.m.

    “Everything we are doing is strictly within our First Amendment rights, and we do not want to interrupt anyone’s enjoyment of the parade,” he said today. “We have made it clear to every participant that we want to be respectful.”

    Thottam, a lawyer and former political candidate for the Green Party, acknowledged that “there are some people who will get out of hand, and we have no control over everyone. We are a decentralized group simply trying to get our message out through the mainstream media blockade, especially about the impeachment of the president of the United States.”

    Peace activist Cindy Sheehan is also expected to attend.

    The peace protest will take place at the same parade that will be targeted by activists protesting the human rights record of China. They have called on parade spectators to turn their backs on the Beijing Olympics float as it moves down the parade.

    Peace protest organizers said that they intend to march several blocks east down Colorado Boulevard, then branch off for a rally at the Pasadena City Hall, two blocks north of the parade. The street is closed to traffic all night, but pedestrians have in years past been allowed to walk on the parade route itself until just before the bands and floats move down the street.

    The White Rose Coalition includes members of Code Pink, a group that has dogged Sen. Hillary Clinton and other politicians they consider too hawkish on the war in Iraq. Other members include Veterans for Peace and members of the Green Party.

    The name is taken after a short-lived resistance movement to Nazi power in Munich in 1942.

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    Santa Arrested for Demanding Impeachment!

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on December 23, 2007

    Forwarded by Oregon Green Joanne Cvar

    Santa in the middle of a protest for honest government 3 demanding justice
    Santa in the middle 3 demanding justice

    of a protest for honest government

    by Jodin Morey, Impeach For Peace

    Portland Indy Media –Santa Arrested in PDX for Demanding Impeachment
    (and Offering Candy Canes, Constitution to the Cops)
    On the picket lines today—for the 21st Thursday— in front of the Portland OR office of Rep. Earl Blumenauer, three of the Impeach Group’s pickets were arrested: Santa and two elves. “Santa” was Joe Walsh, a Veterans for Peace member and sparkplug for regulars in red impeachment shirts responding to the Oregon congressman’s refusal to co-sponsor Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s HRes 799 to impeach Vice President Cheney. Read the rest of this entry »

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    In the spirit of the season: Amnesty should be given to military who refused to fight the ‘unjust’ war in Iraq, urges Green Party of California

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on December 23, 2007

    News Advisory

    Friday, December 21, 2007
    Susan King, spokesperson, 415.823-5524 funking AT mindspring DOT com
    Cres Vellucci, press secretary, 916.996-9170 greenparty-press AT comcast DOT net
    Dr. Robert Vizzard, spokesperson, 916.206 8953, thevizz AT earthlink DOT net
    Sara Amir, spokesperson, 310.270-7106 saraamir AT earthlink DOT net

    SACRAMENTO (Dec. 21, 2007) – Military personnel who have refused to fight in an “unjust” war in Iraq should be given an immediate grant of amnesty – because it would be right, and in keeping with spirit of the season, said the Green Party of California today.

    In a resolution approved by the GPCA’s General Assembly, the Greens noted that the war was “created from lies and deception. Our (troops) should not be punished for refusing to fight an unjust war and speaking the truth about the injustice inflicted on our soldiers, the citizens of the United States, and the citizens of Iraq.”

    The resolution goes on to state:

    “Men and women across the United States are refusing to fight in this war…on strong moral grounds. They are making difficult decisions, risking their life, career and harm to their families. They should not bear the shame of a dishonorable discharge, prison and humiliation. We do not want our (troops) to be victims for the rest of their lives. This would be a great shame on the United States.

    “Let us restore honor to our brave military men and women who stood up and refused to fight a war they determined to be morally corrupt and criminal…those who have refused to fight as well as those who have fought or are currently fighting, are deserving of compassion and support. Amnesty will allow our country some healing. Our leaders need to provide moral strength and courage and grant amnesty to (troops) who have refused to fight in the Iraq War.

    “We call on the United States government to grant amnesty to military personnel who have refused to fight in the Iraq War, and to reinstate them to active duty status or discharge them with full veterans¹ benefits. We call on Congress to address this important issue.”

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    Greens support public housing residents facing New Orleans Council demolition, condemn police brutality against protesters

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on December 23, 2007

    For Immediate Release:
    Saturday, December 22, 2007

    Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-518-5624, cell 202-904-7614, mclarty AT greens DOT org
    Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator, 916-995-3805, starlene AT gp DOT org

    WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party leaders strongly condemned the actions of New Orleans police against protesters who opposed the New Orleans City Council’s vote to demolish public housing.

    Police used pepper spray and extremely dangerous stun guns against those attempting to enter Council chamber on Thursday, December 20. The Council is acting in cooperation with plans by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to replace the public housing units with new mixed-income housing, which would result in the eviction of tenants, nearly all of them African American, from their homes without any further plan to house most of them.

    “By choosing to destroy existing structures instead of renovating them for the current residents, Council surrendered to a long-range effort to displace New Orleans’ working class African American population,” said Alfred Molison, , co-chair of the Green Party’s Black Caucus and a Texas Green. “New Orleans politicians are cooperating with the Bush Administration’s plan to exploit the Katrina disaster in order to reduce drastically the amount of low-cost housing in the city.” Read the rest of this entry »

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    Cynthia McKinney Announces Runfor President

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on December 18, 2007

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    Statehood Greens mourn, remember Hilda Mason, 1916-2007: leader for justice & DC statehood, former DC Council member

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on December 17, 2007


    For immediate release:   Tuesday, December 18, 2007

    Scott McLarty, DC Statehood Green Party Media
    Coordinator, 202-518-5624, mclarty at

    DC Statehood Greens mourn, remember Hilda Mason  (1916-2007)

    • Former DC School Board and Council member,  activist for DC statehood and social justice,
    public school teacher and principal, founding  member of the DC Statehood Party, “Grandmother of
    the World”

    WASHINGTON, DC — The DC Statehood Green Party  noted the passing of Hilda Howland Minnis Mason  at the age of 91 on Sunday with sadness and  remembrance.

    Ms. Mason was a local leader for rights for  social justice, DC statehood and democracy, and
    public school education; one of the founding  members of the DC Statehood Party in 1970 (which  merged with the DC Green Party to become the DC  Statehood Green Party in 1999); a former teacher  and principal; and a former member of the DC  Board of Education (1972-1977) and City Council
    (1977-1998). Ms. Mason also served as delegate  and leader at the 1981 DC constitutional  convention.

    Along with her husband Charlie Mason, Ms. Mason  helped create the University of the District of
    Columbia’s David A. Clarke School of Law, D.C.’s  public law school, helped sustain it as major
    financial contributors, and defended the school  against attempts to dismantle it. Charlie Mason
    died in October 2006.

    On October 19, 2007, Ms. Mason was honored for  her tireless work for DC statehood at a
    celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Stand  Up! for Democracy in DC Coalition  <>. A tribute to Hilda  Mason by Statehood Green Party member Debby
    Hanrahan, delivered at the event, is appended to  the online version of this press release at the
    DC Statehood Green Party’s web site  <>.

    “Hilda and Charlie Mason provided leadership when  D.C. statehood supporters introduced a successful  voters’ initiative in 1980 calling for a  constitutional convention to draw up a state
    constitution,” said Anne Anderson, who joined the  Statehood Party in 1971. “The constitution was
    adopted in May, 1982, but we’re still waiting for  Congress to grant D.C. statehood.”

    “We’re proud to continue the work of the Masons  — the work that will be complete when we finally
    win real democracy for the people of the District  of Columbia,” said Ms. Anderson.

    “I remember first meeting Hilda at a Take Back  the Night rally in 1994. At the time I knew
    nothing about DC politics or statehood, but she  impressed me enough at that rally to find out
    more about the issue of DC statehood and register  with the DC Statehood Party. She always let
    everyone know that she was our grandmother and  her interest in the people of this city was
    always from that perspective — as somebody who  wanted the best for us. I will miss her terribly
    as one of the great leaders of the statehood  movement and a great fighter for social and  political justice,” said party member Maya  O’Connor.

    Ms. Mason’s passing is one of several losses in  the DC Statehood Green Party family in the past
    two months. Party activist Henry Moses died in  November
    <>.  Stephanie Dixon, daughter of party veteran and  former DC School Board member Gail Dixon, passed  away suddenly last week.

    Funeral services for Ms. Mason will be conducted  by Cook & Minnis Funeral Home at Shiloh Baptist
    Church in Lynch Station, Virginia. Plans are  being made for a memorial service in Washington,
    DC, and will be announced soon.

    • “It’s in the marrow of my bones, it is in my  blood. Almost every step I take, I feel like I’m
    doing what my mother and father would have done.  And my grandson, Nestor, I feel like I’m walking
    in his footsteps, too. I can’t forget where I  came from. I can’t forget what my parents did to
    preserve their own lives. Although I’m living  comfortably now, I’m not going to forget how it
    once was for me. And I’m not going to turn my  back on people who aren’t as fortunate as I am.”
    — Hilda Mason, speaking as a recipient of the  D.C. Chapter of the David and Selma Rein
    Community Justice Award from the National Lawyers  Guild in 1986, citing the example of her parents
    and the tragic death at age 13 of her grandson  Nestor


    The DC Statehood Green Party


    Tribute to Hilda Howland Minnis Mason by Debby Hanrahan, a shorter version of which was
    delivered at a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Stand Up! for Democracy in DC Coalition <>. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Human Rights Day Speech Given by Oregon Green

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on December 16, 2007

    This speech was delivered by Joanne Cvar, Pacific Green Party of Oregon, on Human Rights Day (December 10, 2007) , in recognition of  the work in the community of Centro de Ayuda  in celebration of the 59th anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 (Newport, OR)

    “Today marks the 59th anniversary of the adoption of the UN Declaration of Human Rights on
    December 10, 1948. Respect for human rights was one of the four founding principles of
    the United Nations Charter, agreed upon after the devastation and brutality of the Second
    World War brought the realization that without justice, there would be no peace. Our
    first use of the Atom Bomb had made wars a threat to the future of humanity.

    In 1945 Eleanor Roosevelt was named to head a Commission on Human Rights, charged with
    crafting a document that could be agreed upon by all peoples, and for all time. It took
    three years of difficult negotiation and input from all nations and cultures to come to
    such a far-reaching universal agreement.

    The principles set forth in this hard-won agreement state that:

    “Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration,
    without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political
    or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. . . .
    Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional
    or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it
    be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.”
    Article 2

    Additionally, “All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in
    violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.” Article

    And “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.” Article 9

    “Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his
    country.” Article 13

    “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of
    himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing, medical care and necessary
    social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness,
    disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his
    control.” Article 25.1

    These are some of the 30 Articles of the Declaration relevant to our current situation,
    in which discrimination, hate-talk, and racial violence are escalating in societies
    across the planet, as immigration is driven by poverty, hunger and fear in the wake of
    continued wars, resource depletion, economic globalization, and natural catastrophes.

    So many years ago, now, Eleanor Roosevelt asked: “Where, after all, do human rights
    begin?” and answered, “In small places close to home. . . . Without concerned citizens’
    actions to uphold them so close to home, we shall look in vain for progress in the larger

    Here in our corner of the world, concerned citizens are organizing to take the debate on
    immigration issues back from talk-show pundits, a debate which will become increasingly
    virulent when exploited as a political tool.

    The staff and volunteers of Centro de Ayuda are working valiantly to create a friendlier
    attitude toward our newest residents, to inform them of the rules in a culture very
    different from their own, and to inform all the residents of our community of our
    constitutionally guaranteed rights.

    Their services to the immigrant community include translation and tutoring in English as
    a Second Language, helping to find employment, affordable housing and health care,
    mediating on their behalf with public officials, and helping the community to solve its
    own problems.

    Centro de Ayuda is also helping to educate the larger community on the root causes of
    increased immigration and the possible solutions that will help bring us together in the
    face of this polarizing situation.”


    Human Rights Day: Group recognizes Centro de Ayuda’s work in the community
    By Elizabeth Chapman Of the News-Times Read the rest of this entry »

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    Impeachment Resolution

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on December 16, 2007

    The Green Party of Washington State has introduced a Resultion on Impeachment


    Calls for Reopening Investgation of 9/11 Tragedy

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