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    New blog site url

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on January 26, 2008

    To continue viewing posts for the Green Party Peace Network, go to

    Green Party Peace Network


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    Green Party member arrested, beaten, facing possible deportation over immigrant rights protest

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on November 13, 2007

    Written by Ben Manski , taken from the GPUS Affairs List:

    A Madison-area Green – Juan Esteban Ruiz – was arrested yesterday at a an no-borders protest in Caliexico, California. Juan joined the Greens several years back while he was in high school, and helped with local campaigns and anti-war work. He has been on the road – in New Orleans and elsewhere – since then, always helping at the front lines of the
    struggle. Those of us who have worked with Juan know him as a giving, poetic, gentle, and dedicated community member.

    If you watch the video below, you will see that the police brutality begins with an unprovoked snatch-and-grab of a young Latino man playing a drum. That is Juan being arrested and beaten. The agents then open fire with pepper spray pellets (which are quite dangerous) and begin beating other activists.

    Please watch the video and make the calls that Wendy urges, further
    below. Thank you.
    – Ben Manski



    dear all,
    please help and call today!
    juan is in dire trouble and might be deported or worse! Read the rest of this entry »

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    Imagine Peace

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on October 9, 2007

    The biggest online peace event.
    On October 9th 2007, John Lennon’s birthday.
    IMAGINE PEACE as Yoko Ono unveils the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER.

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    Greens in NY this Saturday: “Soldiers & Civilians Speak Out”

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on September 26, 2007

    “Soldiers & Civilians Speak Out”
    Anti-War March and Rally

    11 am Greens gather for feeder march (place TBA)
    1 pm Rally – Everson Museum Plaza, 401 Harrison Street, Syracuse
    2pm March to Syracuse University (through public housing and by the VA
    4pm Closing Rally at Syracuse University (Green Party Speaker at 4:45-4:40
    5-7 pm Antiwar Networking (Green Party caucus, then report to general
    7:30pm Antiwar Panel at Hendricks Chapel, Syracuse University (Scott
    Ritter, Dahlia Wasfi, Jimmy Massey)

    —Immediate, complete, unconditional US withdrawal from Iraq (including
    private contractors)
    —Full health benefits for returning veterans
    —Reparations to the Iraqi people
    —Money for jobs, education and health-care, not occupation and warfare
    Read the rest of this entry »

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    Couple arrested for flying flag upside down

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on September 19, 2007

    From the Asheville (NC) Citizen Times:

    Asheville – A couple who said they were protesting the state of the country by flying the U.S. flag upside down with signs pinned to it found themselves in jail following a scuffle with a deputy Wednesday morning.

    Mark and Deborah Kuhn were arrested on two counts of assault on a government employee, resisting arrest and a rarely used charge, desecrating an American flag, all misdemeanors. The Kuhns were released from custody Wednesday afternoon. “This is surreal,” Deborah Kuhn, 52, said moments after her son Mark Stidham paid $1,500 bond to get the couple out of jail.

    Arrest reports show Buncombe County Sheriff’s deputy Brian Scarborough went to the Kuhns’ home on 68 Brevard Road about 8:45 a.m. Wednesday to investigate a complaint of an American flag on display after being desecrated.State law prohibits anyone from knowingly mutilating, defiling, defacing or trampling the U.S. or North Carolina flags.

    Lt. Randy Sorrells of the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office said the Kuhns desecrated the flag by pinning signs to it, not by flying it upside down.An upside-down flag typically is flown as a distress signal. The Kuhns said they flew it this way not out of disrespect but to symbolize the state of the country. Deborah Kuhn said the signs pinned to the flag included an explanation on the meaning of an upside-down flag and asked to “help our country.” One of the signs was a photo of President Bush with “Out Now” written on it, they said. The couple flew the flag for about a week before Wednesday.

    Deborah Kuhn said an Asheville police officer stopped by last week to make sure the couple was OK, after recognizing the upside-down flag as a distress signal.Asheville police calls for service records show an officer did go to the house July 18 after a complaint about the upside-down flag. The officer did not issue a citation or file a report. A couple of days later, Deborah Kuhn said a man dressed in fatigues came to the door to “harass my husband” about the flag. Someone also took photos of the flag, she said.

    Sorrells said a resident approached Scarborough while he was on duty and alerted him to the flag. Sorrells said he did not know where the person approached Scarborough or what the deputy was doing.According to the Sheriff’s Office, Scarborough went to the Kuhns’ home and gave Mark Kuhn a copy of the flag desecration statute. Scarborough told the Kuhns the flag was being displayed illegally. Although the Kuhns live within the Asheville city limits, Sorrells said the complaint was made to a deputy.“We have jurisdiction throughout the whole county of Buncombe,” Sorrells said. “We have a citizen that complains to us about a violation of law, we’re bound by oath to act on it.”Scarborough told Mark Kuhn he was going to be issued a citation and asked for identification. Kuhn refused, slammed the door on the deputy’s hand, breaking the glass pane out of the door and cutting Scarborough’s hand, the Sheriff’s Office said.Deborah Kuhn said they removed the flag from their front porch after Scarborough threatened to cite them, but they objected to showing Scarborough their IDs, which he needed to write the tickets.

    Scarborough then broke into their house and came after them, they said.“He tried to keep us from closing the door, but we managed to get it closed,” Deborah Kuhn said. “We locked the door and he broke the glass to our front door and proceeded to assault my husband, saying, ‘You’re under arrest.’”The Sheriff’s Office said a struggle ensued when Scarborough followed Kuhn back into the house. At that time, Deborah Kuhn also struck Scarborough in the face, authorities said in arrest reports.Scarborough called for backup and five squad cars responded, Sorrells said. Deborah Kuhn said she called 911 and ran into the street screaming for help. Mark Kuhn said he did not attack Scarborough. “He came after me, and I fought him back,” Kuhn, 43, said. “After I got out of his hold, I ran outside.

    Sorrells said this is the first time he has seen the flag-desecration law enforced. He said it’s a difficult decision for an officer to weigh a resident’s right to free speech against another’s complaint of a law violation. “I think the officer did the appropriate thing by stating his intention to simply issue a citation and let it be worked out in court,” Sorrells said. “If Mr. Kuhn had simply complied with that request for identification and accepted the citation, we would have all gone about our way, and it could have been worked out in court. Once he assaulted the officer, it escalated very quickly.”

    Sorrells said Scarborough suffered some scrapes and cuts to his hand and returned to duty later Wednesday. A message left for Scarborough at the Sheriff’s Office was not immediately returned. Mark Kuhn, who said he had flown his flag upside down before without any problems, said he plans to fight the charges. The Kuhns each face a maximum 420 days in jail if convicted on all of the charges. “We are going to do our best to get a civil liberties lawyer from the ACLU,” Kuhn said. “We are going to take this big time. Officer Scarborough is not going to get away with this.”The Kuhns said the Sheriff’s Office kept their flag. Sorrells said he had no record of that.

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