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    School of the Americas Watch 2007 Close the SOA Action
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    North Carolina Green Elected to School of the Americas Watch Board of Directors

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on January 17, 2008

    Gray Newman, member of the North Carolina Green Party, has been elected to the School of the Americas Watch Board of Directors.
    Gray Newman
     Newman has been active with the SOAW for a number of years and attends the Close the School of the Americas event each November.
    In addition to his sate party, Newman contributes to the  Green Party of the United States by serving on the Green Party Peace Action Committee (GPAX) and participating in the Green Party Peace Network.
    Newman also serves as Chairman and Election Board Supervisor on the Mecklenburg Soil & Water Conservation Board

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    Becoming “peace educators” instead of chest-thumping

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on January 7, 2008

    Written by Maryrose Asher of the Green Party of Washington State

    Wish it was as easy as blaming all our country’s problems on Bush and Cheney. For sure, we’ve had almost 30 years of Reaganomics, even through the Clinton years. But, unfortunately, this building of empire has gone on a lot longer than that. We aren’t going to be able to make this a better country, or have any impact on improving life for those on this planet, unless we change the dynamics of our whole economic/political system and the corruption that has permeated it. We all need to talk about the benefits of peace and a peace economy…through running for office as Cindy Sheehan is doing, in giving talks in churches, union halls, and classrooms. Become “preachers of peace” and educate others on how an economic system based on values, not profits, would benefit us all. Just show them a graph of how much money we spend on military as opposed to health, social programs, or science, and help them to “envision” peace and what good we could be doing with all that money that now goes to war and the weapons of war. THAT’S the way we are going to make a difference and bring lasting change. Let’s become peace educators.
    Info can be found at:

    Keep in mind data is for years 2005-2006.The peace lobby, the Friends Committee on National Legislation, calculates for Fiscal Year 2006 that most of the US tax payer’s money goes towards war:
    Tabulated data here

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    “Citizen Soldier” Film Invokes Protest

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on January 3, 2008

    Forwarded from Joanne Cvar of the Pacific Green Party of Oregon

    This film is a lengthy pro-military, war-glorification promotion for National Guard Recruitment, probably paid for with your tax dollars, then forced upon you once you pay for the price of a theater ticket.

    People are encourged to go to ANY of the movies at AMC (because we don’t want to look as though we are targeting a film which is art). When the War Piece starts, your gut will tell you what to do. Best thing to do is , COMMENT in front of the audience that this is completely unethical at every level, and you are getting your money back immediately. Encourage a walk-out.

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    In the spirit of the season: Amnesty should be given to military who refused to fight the ‘unjust’ war in Iraq, urges Green Party of California

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on December 23, 2007

    News Advisory

    Friday, December 21, 2007
    Susan King, spokesperson, 415.823-5524 funking AT mindspring DOT com
    Cres Vellucci, press secretary, 916.996-9170 greenparty-press AT comcast DOT net
    Dr. Robert Vizzard, spokesperson, 916.206 8953, thevizz AT earthlink DOT net
    Sara Amir, spokesperson, 310.270-7106 saraamir AT earthlink DOT net

    SACRAMENTO (Dec. 21, 2007) – Military personnel who have refused to fight in an “unjust” war in Iraq should be given an immediate grant of amnesty – because it would be right, and in keeping with spirit of the season, said the Green Party of California today.

    In a resolution approved by the GPCA’s General Assembly, the Greens noted that the war was “created from lies and deception. Our (troops) should not be punished for refusing to fight an unjust war and speaking the truth about the injustice inflicted on our soldiers, the citizens of the United States, and the citizens of Iraq.”

    The resolution goes on to state:

    “Men and women across the United States are refusing to fight in this war…on strong moral grounds. They are making difficult decisions, risking their life, career and harm to their families. They should not bear the shame of a dishonorable discharge, prison and humiliation. We do not want our (troops) to be victims for the rest of their lives. This would be a great shame on the United States.

    “Let us restore honor to our brave military men and women who stood up and refused to fight a war they determined to be morally corrupt and criminal…those who have refused to fight as well as those who have fought or are currently fighting, are deserving of compassion and support. Amnesty will allow our country some healing. Our leaders need to provide moral strength and courage and grant amnesty to (troops) who have refused to fight in the Iraq War.

    “We call on the United States government to grant amnesty to military personnel who have refused to fight in the Iraq War, and to reinstate them to active duty status or discharge them with full veterans¹ benefits. We call on Congress to address this important issue.”

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    Pat Elder: Military Recruiting Vans Draw Fire

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on November 29, 2007

    Pat Elder is a Green from Maryland and Campaigns for cessation of military recruiting in schools. 

    Published on Monday, November 26, 2007 by

    Military Recruiting Vans Draw Fire

    by Pat Elder

    A ninth grader in a suburban Washington DC classroom is delighted to be excused from Algebra class to spend a half hour shooting a life-like 9 MM pistol and lobbing explosive ordinance from an M1A2 Abrams tank simulator. At the same time 3,000 miles away in La Habra, California, a 15 year-old girl is released from English class to squeeze off rounds from a very real looking M-16 rifle. The kids thoroughly enjoy the experience, especially the part about getting out of class.

    The two students have experienced the Army’s Adventure Van, a 60-foot, 30-ton 18-wheeler with several interactive exhibits that bring an adrenaline rush and glorify weaponry and combat.  The Army’s 19 vans frequent various community events and two thousand schools a year, generating more than 63,000 recruiter leads. In addition to the Adventure Van, the Army has three other 18-wheelers for recruiting purposes. The Aviation Recruiting Van contains an AH 64 Helicopter flight simulator and an interactive air warrior and weapons display.

    The American Soldier Adventure Van has an interactive air/land warrior display and a future warrior display. The Army Marksmanship Trainer has an interactive rifle range.

    In addition to the fleet of 18-wheelers, the Army has four RockWalls, the popular rock climbing wall for youth. The Army also brings machine gun toting humvees, tanks and other military vehicles on high school campuses to enhance their recruiting efforts. Both the Army and Air Force have their own recruiting motorcycles. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Pat LaMarche: Asking for Soldier’s Money Back Unacceptable

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on November 29, 2007

    Pat LaMarche is a Green from Maine, 2004 Green Party Candidate for Vice President of the United States and 2006 Candidate for Governor of Maine 


    Asking for Soldier’s Money Back Unacceptable

    by Pat LaMarche

    Here’s a quote from an Associated Press report dated Nov. 26, “Service members seriously wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan after they received a $10,000 bonus for enlisting are being asked by the Pentagon to repay portions of the incentive money.”

    The mind just fills with words when you hear something like that. Words like abusive, pathetic, repulsive, disgusting, ignorant, ungrateful and downright insulting.

    Ironically, after you get the invectives and the expletives off your chest, the whole idea of a roadside bomb partially blinding Jordan Fox and the Pentagon ordering him to pay back $2,800 of his enlistment bonus leaves you pretty much speechless.

    For more details you can Google the Associated Press story about Jordan Fox and, as the AP refers to them, the “hundreds of other wounded veterans” who “have also received letters demanding repayment.” You’ll learn that the Pentagon finally decided that Jordan’s case was a “clerical error” – but only after it was brought to their attention by veterans advocates and only after his family was hit with the $2,800 bill they thought they had to pay and only after their insult was added to his injury. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Green Party urges cutoff in military aid to Pakistan

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on November 28, 2007

    Greens urge support for civil society and democracy in Pakistan, cutoff in military aidGreen Party leaders and candidates called for national and global support for civil society, democracy, and the rule of law in Pakistan, an end to President Pervez Musharraf’s ‘national emergency’ declaration, and a cutoff in US aid to military dictatorships in Pakistan.

    Greens especially criticized the Bush Administration’s use of Pakistan as a pawn in the
    US’s ‘war on terror’ and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq.

    “President Bush may press Gen. Musharraf to step down, but it’s naive to think that the Bush Administration’s goal is democracy in Pakistan,” said Rodger Jennings, Green candidate for Congress in Illinois (12th District) <>. Read the rest of this entry »

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    “We are living in dangerous times”

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on November 28, 2007

    “We are living in dangerous times”

    by MIchael Canney
    Co-chair, Green Party of Florida

    Delivered on October 27, 2007 in Orlando, FLA

    These are some tough people to follow. I thought you were supposed to get more conservative with age, but today we’ve seen that doesn’t always happen… and it’s nice to know that there are some elected officials who represent us and not the corporations.

    It’s a beautiful sight here today to see so many people come together in solidarity with principles that define our humanity, and also that are essential to the survival of democracy – because we’re the last line of defense, really…

    Some people talked about a police state and fascist state The only thing that prevents those things from happening is We the People.

    We’re living in dangerous times. Empire builders and war profiteers have high-jacked our nation and are in the process of laying siege to the world. They’ve lied to us, they’ve looted our treasury, they’ve gutted the constitution They are working diligently every day to create the infrastructure for a police state like the world has never seen. Their message is “You’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists” – and they will reserve the right to decide who the terrorists are. Read the rest of this entry »

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    School of the Americas Watch Action – Puppetista March at Conclusion

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on November 22, 2007

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    School of the Americas Watch Action – Funeral Procession

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on November 22, 2007

    Probably the most stirring part of the School of the Americas Watch Event is the Sunday Funeral Procession. Tens of thousands of participants carrying crosses with the names of deceased persons, victims of terrorism in their own countries, hold them up and sing “Presente!” after each persons name is chanted in song along with their ages at the time of death. The procession is moving, often invoking tears on the part of participants.

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