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    Answers from a Green to a 14 year old on Voting

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on January 13, 2008

    A 14 year old student recently interviewed Maine Green on Voting as part of her Civics class. The questions she asked:

    1. What are some things you consider when you are choosing a candidate?
    2. What are some things you would want the candidate to do or change after becoming president?
    3. Do you think that one vote can make a difference and why?
    4. Through all the years you’ve been voting how has the process changed?
    5. What party do you belong to and why?
    6. How long have you been voting and why?
    And the answers that were given:

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    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on January 8, 2008

    Two more candidates will join this debate!


     Cynthia McKinney~Ralph Nader~Jared Ball~Kent Mesplay

    Kat Swift~Jesse Johnson

    Hosted and moderated by

    Cindy Sheehan along with

    Aimee Allison

    Matt Gonzalez

    Gayle McLaughlin

    Ross Mirkarimi

    Mark Sanchez




    Sunday, January 13, 2008

    Veteran’s Memorial Bldg.

    401 Van Ness Ave.(opposite City Hall)
    San Francisco
    (3 blocks from Civic Center BART)

    register GREEN

    $10–25 donation (sliding scale)


    Sponsored by the Green
    Party of Alameda County, the San Francisco Green Party and the Sacramento
    County Green Party

    For more information:
    (510) 644-2293

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    Greens Protest The Exclusion Of Antiwar Candidates From Democratic And Republican Primary Debates

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on January 8, 2008


    For Immediate Release:
    Tuesday, January 8, 2008

    Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-518-5624, cell 202-904-7614,
    Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator, 916-995-3805,

    Barring of Kucinich, Gravel, and Paul amounts to censorship of candidates whose positions are unacceptable to the Democratic and Republican parties, major media, and their corporate sponsors, say Greens

    First Green presidential candidates’ debate set for San Francisco on Sunday, January 13

    WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party leaders and candidates protested the exclusion of Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel, and Ron Paul from primary presidential debates sponsored by major news organizations.

    Greens noted that Mr. Kucinich, Mr. Gravel, and Mr. Paul hold strong positions against the Iraq war and other Bush policies, in agreement with most Americans but contrary to the positions of other Democrats and Republicans running for the White House.

    Mr. Kucinich, like the Green Party, favors single-payer national health care, unlike his fellow Democratic presidential candidates and the major media, which rely on corporate campaign contributions and advertising dollars from insurance firms, HMOs, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Mr. Kucinich was excluded from an ABC TV debate on January 5.

    The six candidates for the Green Party’s presidential nomination, all of whom oppose the war, will be featured in upcoming Green debates. The first debate will take place in San Francisco on January 13 <>. The nomination will be decided at the Green Party’s 2008 national convention, July 10-13 in Chicago.

    Jody Grage, treasurer of the Green Party of the United States: “In democratic elections, voters have a right to be informed about all the candidates whose names they’ll see on the ballot. Fox and ABC TV have violated the public interest and their licenses to use the publicly owned airwaves. They’re acting like the official news bureaus of dictatorships.”

    Jason Wallace, peace activist, Iraq War veteran, and Green candidate for Congress in Illinois (11th district) <>: “It’s no accident that Kucinich, Gravel, and Paul — the most vocal opponents of the Iraq invasion — are getting shut out of the debates. While the Democratic and Republican parties and big media conglomerates try to close down serious public discussion over the Iraq war, the Green Party’s ‘Peace Slate’ will continue to represent the opinion of most Americans, whom poll after poll have shown oppose the war. On Election Day 2008, the only truly antiwar candidates on the ballot will be from the Green Party or another third party or will be independent.”

    Rodger Jennings, Green candidate for Congress in Illinois (12th District) <>: “The Democratic and Republican parties and media companies like Fox and ABC have censored the opinions of the majority of Americans, who want to see a quick end to the Iraq War. It’s revealing that Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee won in Iowa. Among the frontrunners within their respective parties, they’ve been the most critical of President Bush’s foreign policies. But Mr. Huckabee has only criticized the Bush Administration’s strategic blunders in Iraq, rather the war itself. While Mr. Obama has opposed the war, he only favors a vague and delayed timetable for partial withdrawal of troops, which suggests that the occupation will continue in some form regardless of which Democratic frontrunner might be elected in November. Mr. Obama has also added his voice to the military threat against Iran, and says nothing about holding the Bush Administration and war profiteers accountable for their crimes. Unfortunately, voters are being denied the chance to hear the real antiwar candidates and are being told that Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel, and Ron Paul shouldn’t be taken seriously.”

    John Walsh, Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party delegate to the Green Party’s National Committee: “In recent elections, the Commission on Presidential Debates, the corporate-owned body controlled by the two established parties, has only allowed Democratic and Republican presidential candidates and has barred Green, independent, and other candidates from participating. We urge all Americans — especially those who oppose bipartisan warhawk policies on Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran — to speak out in demand of fair elections and election coverage, and inclusion of all qualified candidates in the debates, regardless of their positions or party memberships.”


    Green Party of the United States
    202-319-7191, 866-41GREEN
    Fax 202-319-7193

    Green Party News Center

    Green Party Speakers Bureau

    Green candidate database for 2007 and other
    campaign information:

    Media credentialing

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    Green Presidential Debate

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on January 6, 2008

    Greens announce ‘A Presidential Debate That Matters’ Jan. 13; diverse ballot includes former Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader; Cindy Sheehan will co-moderate


    SAN FRANCISCO – The first, and only, live debate between candidates on the Green Party’s California ballot for President of the United States – featuring a former Democratic Party member of Congress, consumer protection icon, professor and environmental engineer – is scheduled here January 13, said John Morton of the Green Presidential Debate Committee.

    The debate will be held Sunday, January 13 at 2 p.m. at the Herbst Theater/Veterans Memorial Building, 401 Van Ness Avenue.

    Six-time Democratic Rep. Cynthia McKinney, longtime consumer advocate Ralph Nader – who is still an undeclared candidate, university professor Jared Ball and environmental engineer Kent Mesplay will participate in ‘Campaign 2008: A Presidential Debate that Matters.’

    ‘Peace Mom’ Cindy Sheehan – a former Democrat – will co-moderate the debate, along with co-hosts San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, KPFA personality Aimee Allison and former President of SF Board of Supervisors Matt Gonzalez. Sheehan is running as an independent Congressional candidate against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco.

    The event is open to the public with a suggested donation of $10-25. For more information go to

    The debate is sponsored by the Green Party of Alameda County, the San Francisco Green Party, the Sacramento County Green Party and endorsed by the Green Party of San Mateo County.


    Crescenzo Vellucci, State Press Office, 916-996-1970, scramaddr(“”,”greenparty-press”)
    Sara Amir (Los Angeles), 310-270-7106, scramaddr(“”,”saraamir”)
    Dr. Bob Vizzard (Sacramento), 916.206 8953, scramaddr(“”,”thevizz”)
    Susan King (San Francisco), 415-823-5524, scramaddr(“”,”funking”)
    The Green Party of California
    P.O. Box 2828, Sacramento, CA 95812
    Phone: (916) 448-3437
    EMail: scramaddr(“”,”gpca”)

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    Cynthia McKinney Announces Runfor President

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on December 18, 2007

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    Peace Survey for Green Party Presidential Candidates

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on December 16, 2007

    The survey below has been sent to all the Candidates seeking the GPUS nomination for U.S. President on behalf of members of the Green Party Peace Network (GPPN). Members will distribute the answers to their state parties and they will be posted on this blog.

    GPUS Presidential Candidate Peace Issues Survey:

    1. What is your position / policy on the following Issues:

    –War and Occupation of Iraq
    –Waging war on other countries (Iran)
    –Disparity in the percentage of U.S. government revenues devoted to
    militarism vs. domestic and social needs
    –No Child Left Behind and military recruiting in schools?
    –Support of a draft or “War tax”
    –Support of a “war-profiteering” tax for those companies making
    windfall profits from this war?
    –The idea of a surtax on incomes over a certain level
    –Alternative energy sources
    –Climate change (specifically, what goals would you prioritize)

    2. What support would you hope to get from states in the GPUS?


    2008 Green Party Presidential Candidates:

    Jared Ball, independent journalist; radio host (WPFW 89.3 FM Pacifica Radio in Washington, DC),
    hip-hop scholar, assistant professor of communications studies at Morgan State University
    in Baltimore, Maryland
    http://www.jaredball.comElaine Brown, 2005 Green candidate for Mayor of Brunswick, Georgia; former leader of the Black
    Panther Party; organizer of Mothers Advocating Juvenile Justice and National Alliance for
    Radical Prison Reform

    Jesse Johnson, 2006 US Senate candidate and 2004 gubernatorial candidate for the Mountain
    Party in West Virginia (now affiliate state party of the Green Party of the United States); filmmaker

    Cynthia McKinney, former member of the US House of Representatives (Georgia), 1993 to 2003, 2005
    to 2007; former member of the Georgia House of Representatives, 1988-1992

    Kent Mesplay, 2004 candidate for the Green presidential nomination; former president of
    Turtle Island Institute; environmental engineer, alternative energy activist; California Green organizer

    Kat Swift, Texas Green organizer; former Campus Greens leader; activist with Clean Money San
    Antonio and San Antonio Democracy Now

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    School of the Americas Watch Action – Cynthia McKinney Speaks

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on November 20, 2007

    Cynthia McKinney, who is seeking the Green Party of the United States Presidential Nomination, attended the School of the Americas Watch Event on Sunday, November 18, 2007. She was a featured speaker on the stage. She was also among those who led the funeral procession after the funeral service.

    Same speech, different camera:

    Gray Newman, Green from North Carolina, and Cynthia McKinney

    Cynthia McKinney shares the stage with Dennis Kucinich.  Genaro Jacinto Calel from the International Mayan League offers a Mayan Blessing, honoring “our grandfather the sun, our mother the earth, and the life-giving universe.”

    Michael Canney, Green from Florida, talks with Cynthia McKinney

    Hugh Esco, Green from Georgia and Cynthia McKinney’s campaign manager, in funeral procession

    Cynthia McKinney, Rabbi Michael Lerner (founder of Tikkun), Father Roy Bourgeois (founder of SOA Watch( and Dennis Kucinich lead the funeral procession at the gate of Ft. Benning which houses the School of the Americas/WHINSEC

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    Cynthia McKinney Visits Maine

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on November 10, 2007

    Cynthia McKinney recently visited Maine as part of her “Power to the People” Campaign. Ms. McKinney has formally registered as a Green and will be vying for the Green Party of the United States Presidential Candidacy. Visiting Maine also was SKCM Curry, California Green, who is seeking the GPUS Vice-Presidential nomination.

    Photos and Report Submitted by Jacqui Deveneau

    Cynthia McKinney pulled into Portland,Maine in the late afternoon on Election Day to stand at the local polls in support of John Anton, a Portland Green running for one of the seats for City Councilor. She then attended the Victory party for John Anton, as he won the seat, giving the Greens 3 out of 9 seats on the Portland City Council.
    Cynthia was accompanied by her Campaign Manager Lucy and David one of the Greens working closely on her campaign.
    I sat at a table with all of them and Morgen D’Arc, a Portland Green who was the founder of the Green Party’s Women’s Caucus and Pat LaMarche, the Maine gal who ran with David Cobb as his Vice Presidential candidate.
    For those, like myself, who know the strength of the Green Women’s Power in this Party it was quite an evening.
    The next morning Jane Meisenbach, the Maine Green Independent Party’s Chair of the Board, hosted a fund raising breakfast for Cynthia, who was also Jane’s house guest the night before.
    Though most of the folks attending were Greens there were others who weren’t. Bruce Gagnon was one of them, he being the Director of the International “Watch Dog Group” Global Network.
    After listening to Cynthia he made an announcement that he was going to register Green so he could vote for her. I have also had other folks whom I have contacted say they too will register Green and when you have folks like Bruce doing something like that they bring with them many wonderful hard working folks.
    If your state has not had Cynthia come speak yet you need to make arrangements. And if you have any extra frequent flyer miles that you can donate to her campaign please contact her campaign [click on the Run Cynthia Run,link at the top and you will reach both a place to join the campaign, but also be able to contact her]
    I have been working hard in this Party since 2000 and I have never felt the hope that Cynthia is bringing. She is a Power House and has so many great Green ideas on so many levels

    SKCM Currey lunchSKCM Currey and Morgen D’ArcPat LaMarche and Cynthia McKinneyJohn Anton,David Marshal,Cynthia McKinney and Pat LaMarcheCynthia, Chris, and Pat LaMarcheCynthia talking to Maine FolksCynthia and DavidLucy modeling shirt2lucy-modeling-campaign-shirt-2.jpg

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    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on October 11, 2007


    It’s time to face the truth: voting for Democrats is not going to end the war or change
    the direction of the US.

    • Democratic Party leaders supported the invasion of Iraq from the beginning. In October 2002, they voted with Republicans to surrender Congress’s constitutional war power over to the Bush White House.

    • Democrats won’t use their power in Congress to stall on Bush’s requests for more war
    funding, which would result in a quick withdrawal of US troops. According to an
    Associated Press news report on October 10, congressional Democrats have put troop
    withdrawals “on the back burner.”

    • Democratic Party leaders will only support vague and delayed timetables for bringing
    home US troops. Clinton and Obama won’t promise that all US combat troops will be out of Iraq by 2013.

    • Democrats have rejected impeachment and won’t hold Bush & Cheney responsible for
    criminal abuses of power: deceiving the American people about why we invaded Iraq,
    torture, surveillance of US citizens without warrant, detention without trial, violation
    of international laws, inaction and racist response to environmental emergencies
    (Hurricanes Katrina & Rita), tampering with scientific research on global warming.

    • Top Democrats limit their criticism to Bush’s strategic military mistakes in Iraq.
    They won’t talk about how the war itself is a crime — an invasion of a country that
    posed no threat to the US, based on manipulated intelligence and lies to the American

    • Democrats want to plunder Iraqi oil: Democratic leaders have endorsed the Iraqi
    hydrocarbon law “benchmark” that would place 2/3 of Iraq’s oil resources under the
    control of major US and UK energy companies. This would require continued US military
    presence in Iraq to protect the investments of corporations like ExxonMobil,
    ChevronTexaco, and BP. The same oil companies that contribute to Republicans also give campaign checks to Democratic candidates.

    • Top Democrats also take money and orders from the pro-Israeli-government lobby (AIPAC), which demanded the invasion of Iraq and now demands an attack on Iran.

    • Clinton, Obama, and Edwards have signed on to Bush’s threat of a US attack on Iran —
    which could touch off World War III.

    * * *

    Whether we elect a Democrat or Republican to the White House in 2008, the war will
    continue. Our only hope for bringing home US troops safe and sound is to elect Green
    Party candidates to Congress, support a Green presidential campaign, and help the growth of the Green Party! Read the rest of this entry »

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    Callng 2008 Peace Candidates

    Posted by Green Party Peace Network on October 4, 2007

    Are you going to be running for office for your state party in 2008? If so, we want you!

    Please contact us for an interview. We want to interview all 2008 Green Party Candidates who will have peace in their platforms and put the interviews on this blog!

    Contact Peace Candidate Interviews

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